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Mediterranean-inspired virtual cooking workshops

by Vanessa

Take part in a live, virtual cooking workshop inspired by the colours and flavours of the mediterranean. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to connect with your food, learn about the power of wholesome ingredients all while gaining practical advice, directly from Vanessa’s kitchen.

For the love of beans

Friday March 10th, 12pm EST

Beans & Greens on toast


Charred cauliflower, butterbean hummus and pistachios pesto

An email with the event details and workbook will be sent by email the week of the event.

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$69.00 CDN

Mindful & Mediterranean cooking

Take part in a live, virtual cooking workshop inspired by the colours and flavours of the mediterranean

Let's cook

Cooking is my first love. It also happens to be the single most important tool we have to improve our health and relationship with food. So imagine my excitement to have you join these workshops. Aimed at helping you find joy in cooking and explore new flavours, we will prepare simply yet delicious food together.

Let's eat

Mealtime should be meaningful. These workshops aim to inspire you to view food in an entirely different way. Use them as an excuse to have fun with your food, savour each bite and make an experience out of every meal. We may be distant, but mealtime doesn't have to be!

What you can expect.

60 minute workshops of food, flavour and fun.

The food

You will receive the recipe and prep list the week prior to the event so you can cook along. Although, you can also sit back and watch if you prefer!

The flavour

During the workshop, we will cook, all the while discussing its ingredients, and how to celebrate them on a regular basis.

The fun

The mediterranean lifestyle is about celebrating the small moments. Set out a tablecloth, light some candles, turn on some music and let's have some fun

Let's eat!

Cooking is at the heart of the mediterranean way of life. There is no better way to improve your health, relationship with food and savour what life has to offer.

Join the next workshop to talk all things food, flavour and fun.

Register Now
$69.00 CDN

I'm Vanessa

I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist and have worked with thousands of people just like you for over a decade. If there's one thing I've learned over the's this: food is a loaded topic. Because it isn't just about nutrients or calories. With every bite comes a taste of tradition, culture and memories. So it's no wonder that trying to unpack all of that into a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all diet...hasn't worked for you. My aim, in all I do, is to help you build balanced eating habits, in a way that feels authentic, sustainable and helps you feel your best.